Restaurant Appreciation Month

October is “Restaurant Appreciation Month” in San Francisco, which means that each of the eleven Supervisors (that’s what we call members of the city council here in SF) get to award a certificate of appreciation to one restaurant in each of their districts. The mayor gets in on the action and gets to pick one too. His can be anywhere in the city.

From the minutes of the Board meeting: Supervisors introduced, welcomed, and presented Certificates of Honor to individuals in recognition of Restaurant Appreciation Month, their accomplishments, and their continued community support, as referenced below:

District 11: Supervisor Avalos recognized Roxie Food Center (1901 San Jose Avenue);
District 10: Supervisor Cohen recognized Eat Drink Play (28 Leland Avenue);
District 9: Supervisor Campos recognized Louisiana Po-Boy (3030 San Bruno Avenue);
District 8: Supervisor Wiener recognized Firefly (4288-24th Street);
District 7: Supervisor Yee recognized K’s Kitchen (757 Monterey Boulevard);
District 6: Supervisor Kim recognized Delancey Street Restaurant (600 Embarcadero) and Crossroads Café
(699 Delancey Street);
District 5: Supervisor Breed recognized Sheba’s Lounge (1419 Fillmore Street);
District 4: Supervisor Tang recognized John’s Ocean Beach Cafe (2898 Sloat Boulevard);
District 3: Supervisor Chiu recognized Farm:Table (754 Post Street);
District 2: Supervisor Farrell recognized Delarosa (2175 Chestnut Street);
District 1: Supervisor Mar recognized Velo Rouge (798 Arguello Boulevard); and
Mayor Ed Lee recognized 1300 on Fillmore (1300 Fillmore Street).

And for your visual delight, here is a map of each Supervisory District and the restaurant therein that was the subject of the award.

Ah! But the point of this post is that I’m going to travel to each of these restaurants and tell you all what I think about them.

I’ve actually already gone to the first one already, but I need to stretch this out into as many posts as possible.



8 thoughts on “Restaurant Appreciation Month

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